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Electrop Imaging Solution Pvt. Ltd. provides unique need-based Defence Products and Engineering Solutions.

Developing a variety of Electro Optical systems and manufacturing a wide range of equipments. With specialised skills in integration and deployment of electro-optical, Laser based instrumentation, Short range sighting system applications. A constant push for innovation has led us to develop excellent, reliable and innovative solutions. Quality is of paramount importance when it comes to implementing our products and solutions. From designing to commissioning of the equipment, we take care of everything. We offer a wide range of defence products with finest deployment services. For more information, contact us/ read more. We have an experienced team for manufacturing and deployment of the solutions. Our unique methods make our services more reliable and unique. With a specialisation in Contrast Enhancement Module (CEM), we are the first & only supplier of CEM solutions in India. Our in-house manufacturing unit in Dehradun is operated and is well-managed by our trained team.

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Video and Image processing algorithm development

Video and image processing algorithms involve the manipulation and analysis of digital images and videos

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LWIR, MWIR and SWIR Camera processing

Long-Wave InfraRed, Medium-Wave InfraRed, and Short Wavelength InfraRed

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Signal processing for Range Finders

Signal processing for range finders involves analysing and manipulating the signals that are emitted and received by the rangefinder in order to determine the distance to an object.

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Optical Imaging Solutions

Optical imaging solutions involve the use of optics, such as lenses and mirrors, to capture, process and analyse images.

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Short Range Sighting System

A short range sighting system is a type of optical system that is designed to provide a short-range view of an object or scene.

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Laser based Instrumentation

Laser-based instrumentation refers to the use of lasers in a variety of measurement and analysis systems.

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